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Buying the right mattress for you can be quite a difficult task, one that you may not want to make a priority until you feel as if you absolutely must. However, there are things you can do to help your mattress last longer so that you only have to get a new one after the general lifespan of approximately 8-10 years.

Support Your New Mattress

When you first get a new mattress you should already be thinking of the bed frame that is going to partner with it for your perfect night’s sleep. Depending on the size and kind of mattress that support may change. Your new mattress tag should give instructions and advice on choosing the correct line of support. With bigger beds, such as a queen and king, it is crucial to have frames that can support the weight of the mattress without breaking. Bed frames are there to not only support the weight of the mattress, but also your weight. So if you get the chance every 6 months or so just double check that the frame isn’t broken and is still robustly supporting your mattress so that you can maximize the life of your mattress.

Rotate Your Mattress

Everyone has “their side of the bed” - the side that they feel is the most comfortable. However, this isn’t the best thing for your mattress, because your weight causes the bed to be imprinted with your body shape. This can cause the mattress to bend in certain ways and not last as long. Rotating your mattress can help even out the wear and tear of the mattress. Rotating your mattress is not something you need to do once a month, you can typically get away with flipping it every six months. It is recommended that when you first get a mattress to flip it more often to avoid potential damage and to keep it in the best shape possible.

Use a Mattress Cover

There are a handful of benefits of using a mattress cover, but for the sake of making your mattress last longer, one of the biggest benefits is that it protects your mattress from spills and stains. Having spills and stains can ruin the quality of a mattress. It is important to have a mattress cover to further protect your mattress, as sheets also help protect your mattress from spills but some liquids may go through your sheets straight to the mattress. Another great reason to use a mattress cover is because there are some that are specially designed to not only stop allergies and dust but also to stop bed bugs. Not to mention the sweat, dirt, and skin we shed every night. A mattress cover is a great way to preserve your mattress.

Follow Cleaning Instructions

Every mattress comes with a tag that explains more information on how to properly care for your mattress. This tag actually has a bunch of important information on it, including warranty details, which you should also read and understand.

Most mattresses all need to be cleaned every 3 months, due to the amount of dust and dirt we tend to put on them in our sleep and even during the day. Cleaning a mattress can seem like a daunting task but typically only takes a normal vacuum - something you already have at home. Just use the hose attachment and be sure to vacuum the whole mattress to ensure it is as clean as possible.

Be Careful Moving Your Mattress

Mattresses are obviously heavy, so when you are moving a mattress be sure to be careful and not overwork yourself. Even if you’re just moving the mattress into a different room. When moving your mattress it is important to remember not bend the mattress, as bending your mattress can cause serious damage resulting in the need for a new one. It is also important to keep the mattress clean while moving it anywhere. If you are moving houses, you should be sure to wrap the mattress so that it does not get excessive amounts of dust or dirt on it. If you are hiring movers they usually know how to properly care for and move mattresses with heavy duty bags.

Another thing to be wary of is if your mattress has handles on the sides of it. These handles are placed there to help people rotate their mattress, not for moving or lifting the mattress. These handles do not support a mattress like it should, causing it to sag. Putting a mattress on its side while moving can also cause it to sag if not carried properly.

Following these practices can help make your mattress last longer. At Wholesale Mattress Center we are committed to making sure that all our customers are getting the best night’s sleep on their perfect mattress. If you are looking for a new mattress please don't hesitate to call us at 334-821-0558 or browse our website.

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