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Nothing puts a damper on a good night’s sleep like snoring. Similarly, nothing can irritate your sleeping partner more than being woken up in the middle of the night by the freight train sound of your snoring shaking the bed. Unfortunately for men, they are more likely to snore than women, especially if they are overweight. Keep reading because we have a quick and easy solution for all of you snorers.

Causes of Snoring

If you are unfamiliar with what snoring is, it’s the noisy, unrhythmic, heavy breathing that takes place while you are sleeping. According to WebMD, snoring is the result of the flow of air through your nose or mouth being blocked, which causes disruptive breathing. There are multiple causes of snoring including:

  • Blocked nasal airways because of allergies, sinus infections and other illnesses
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sleeping position

One of the most commonly cited sources of snoring is sleeping position. The odds are high that if you ask a snorer whether they sleep on their back, their stomach or their side, they are going to say their back. If you think this is your reason for snoring, then we can help!

When you sleep on your back, the base of your tongue falls back onto the wall of your throat causing the vibrating sound of a snore. Now the simplest way to fix this would be to sleep on your side or your stomach, but those positions are uncomfortable for some and also come with side effects that are not the best for your health. These problems can become worse if your mattress does not support your body. So what’s our solution? Get a mattress that properly fits your body.

Your Mattress is Important

If your mattress does not provide the right amount of support for your body, then spinal, jaw and heart health implications can ensue, on top of snoring. According to a sleeping survey done in Ireland, inadequate support of the neck and back while sleeping can cause the jaw and throat muscles to collapse which leads to more disrupted breathing and louder snores.

The best way to combat this problem is to get a firmer mattress that will properly support your head and back regardless of your sleeping position. The best type of mattress for this job is one made out of memory foam.

Memory foam mattresses provide excellent support for your body because they mold and shape to it as a result of your body heat. These types of mattress help to keep your hips and shoulders aligned while you sleep which alleviates some of the stress placed on your back.

Getting a memory foam mattress that is adjustable would be the icing cake because of the ability to slightly elevate your head while you sleep. Sleeping with your head elevated will help to keep your airways unblocked and reduce some of the pressure on your neck, which will keep your snoring to a minimum in return.

Another type of mattress to try for better support is the classic innerspring mattress. These mattresses keep their shape for a long time, which means they can provide your body with support for an extended period of time too. We recommend adding a tempurpedic pillow for another layer of support for your neck and head too.

Another cause of snoring that is related to your mattress is dust. Over time, your mattress starts to collect dust mites from lint, dead skin cells, pet hair and so on. Breathing in these particles while you sleep can irritate your sinuses leading to congestion and mucus buildup blocking your airways.

Besides washing your sheets regularly, you can reduce the amount of allergens in your bed by buying a latex mattress. These types of mattresses have anti-allergy and anti-dust mite properties which will minimize your snoring along with keeping your bed cleaner. Many memory foam beds come in latex form which is an added bonus.

Whether you think your snoring problem can be fixed by a new mattress or not, we recommend replacing your mattress every seven to ten years to make sure your body gets the support it needs.

At the Wholesale Mattress Center, we have a wide variety of memory foam, innerspring and latex mattresses to choose from. You can filter through all types of brands, prices and comfort levels on our website. If you are looking to solve your snoring problem with a mattress that has better back support, we agree with health.com’s suggestion of getting a medium-firm mattress, of which we have plenty.

For any questions, come see us or give us a call. We’d love to help you find your perfect fit!

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