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If there is one thing that every person in the world has in common, it is that we all love to learn new things about ourselves. Knowing what we know about how the human brain functions, we think it is safe to assume that what we are about to say is going to catch your attention and spark your interest. We know what we are about to mention is going to make you keep scrolling because who does not want to learn something fun and quirky about their personality that also affects their health?

We have compiled some information on what your sleep position says about your personality and how it affects your physical health. Before we break it down into the three most common sleeping positions and their variations, first let's discuss the factors that determine how we choose the way that we sleep. Some of the main factors that affect our sleeping positions are comfort, age and gender.

Simply put, the number one way that we determine how to position our bodies while we sleep is comfort. As humans, we spend almost one-third of our lifetime sleeping, so we are going to make sure that we are comfortable while doing it. According to thesleepdoctor.com, the older we get the more likely we are to sleep on our side because comfort becomes more important, and we move less while asleep. Like most aspects of life, men and women differ in the sleeping position category too. However, part of the gender preference difference is because of the sleeping issues that arise with pregnancy.

The Three Most Common Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

Sleeping on your Stomach: According to onhealth.com, only a small percentage, 7%, of people sleep on their stomach which means the other 93% of the world is making a better choice for their health when it comes to sleeping position. Sleeping on your stomach puts your neck and back in an unnatural position for a long period of time which can result in nerve pain, numbness and tingling in that area. When sleeping on their stomach, most people rest the side of their face on the pillow, resulting in acne and wrinkles. However, one benefit of stomach sleeping is that it prevents or reduces snoring.

Many stomach sleepers are extroverts with bold and sociable personalities. However, these people are believed to be defensive and lack thick skin which is why they prefer to sleep in a position that feels protective and safe to them.

If you are a stomach sleeper, we suggest using a firm mattress to support your body better and reduce back pain. We also recommend buying a soft pillow or using no pillow at all so your neck is not positioned in an uncomfortable and unhealthy position.

Sleeping on Your Side: Side sleeping is the most popular position by far and has the most health benefits. Side sleeping is believed to help your brain filter out waste more efficiently while you sleep and helps reduce snoring. Sleeping on your left side has also been proven to reduce or relieve heartburn and make digestion easier for your body.

According to WebMd, sleeping on your side is the healthiest position for your body because it allows your spine to rest in a natural alignment which also results in a better night’s sleep because you will not be tossing and turning from being uncomfortable.

As a result of most people being side sleepers, the personality traits can vary. People who sleep on their side, but not in the fetal position, are believed to be relaxed, open-minded and easy-going. People who sleep in the fetal position are thought to be anxious and sensitive.

Sleeping on Your Back: Doctors have mixed opinions when it comes to sleeping on your back. While sleeping on your back increases the likelihood of snoring, it can also relieve back and neck pain. According to the John Hopkins Medical School, sleeping on your back is the best position to sleep in for your face because it does not cause wrinkles or acne like the other two positions.

Self-confident is the best way to describe people who sleep on their backs. These people are known for being achievers who set high-standards for themselves and others, but watch out, they can be pretty stubborn too.

For people who sleep on their back, we recommend either a firm box-spring mattress or a memory foam mattress to make sure their backs are getting the appropriate level of support they need.

At Auburn Wholesale Mattress Center, we know how important it is for your mattress to match your sleeping position. Whether you need a firm mattress or a pillow with a little give, we have everything that you need. Visit our website or come into the store today to talk to our sleep experts.

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