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Having a great mattress results in high-quality sleep, and there are other factors that can improve your sleep quality as well. The 2013 Sleep in America Poll discovered that about 76-83% of respondents who partake in any form of exercise sleep better. There are different types of exercises that can result in sleeping better. Along with having a great mattress, adding exercise makes the perfect combination for better sleep.

According to John Hopkins, you only need about 30 minutes of exercising to notice a difference in the quality of your sleep. There are different exercises that you can do to help get those better sleep results. John Hopkins does not recommend working out right before you plan to go to sleep because your body needs 1-2 hours for those endorphin levels to wash out. This allows your adrenaline levels to die down and your mind to rest.

Workouts for Better Sleep

1. Cardio Exercise:

Cardio can increase your breathing and heartbeats. Studies have shown that regularly taking part in cardio exercise will help improve sleep quality over time. Studies also show that you do not need to wait for results, it can happen the same day that you begin exercising. Exercising during the day will decrease drowsiness throughout the daytime. Add cardio with your new mattress for optimal sleep.

Some examples of cardio include brisk walking, water aerobics, and bike rides. Walking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy your surroundings. Taking 15 minutes of your day to walk around your neighborhood or a nice trail will add to a healthier lifestyle and better sleep. If you have a dog, this is a great opportunity to get exercise for yourself and your furry friend!

2. Strength Training:

Strength training includes weightlifting and resistance workouts. Resistance exercises can include sit-ups, push-ups, and workouts with resistance bands. Weightlifting is a great way to increase your heart rate and burn calories. Contrary to common belief, weightlifting is great for losing or maintaining weight. Cardio burns calories as you run whereas weightlifting burns calories even after your leave the gym.

Doing a combination of cardio and strength training will maximize your healthy lifestyle and prove to support better sleep. Strength training can also lower your risk for anxiety and depression which are the two main common risk factors that lead to insomnia.

3. Yoga:

There are many different variations of yoga that can be fun to try. Yoga helps release stress, lose weight, and improve posture. It also is a form of meditation which is a great way to ease the mind and release tension before bed. While there have not been extensive studies on how yoga affects sleep, many people who do yoga regularly have noticed improvements in their quality of sleep.

4. Stretching:

Similar to yoga, stretching is another light exercise that is helpful throughout the day. These exercises release a relaxing hormone and allow your body to fall asleep faster. It also allows your body to stay asleep longer. Therefore, you are not waking up as frequently every night.

Example Workout Routine

At Wholesale Mattress Center, we understand wanting a good night's sleep. Here is a workout routine we have put together that incorporates cardio, strength training, and stretching. These workouts can be done with or without weights. This is just an example of what you can do; explore your options and enjoy it as you go:


  • Walk 15 minutes (Treadmill or Outdoors)

Strength Training:

  • Pulse Squats 3 sets of 8 reps
  • Bicycle Crunches 3 sets of 30-sec reps
  • Modified Pushups 3 sets of 8 reps
  • Bench Dips 3 sets of 10 reps


  • Head Roll
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Behind-head tricep stretch
  • Standing hip rotation
  • Standing toe touch
  • Standing quad stretch
  • Calf Strech
  • Ankle roll

How We Can Help!

After working out, you are going to need to transition your energized mind into a relaxed one. Therefore, a way to maximize sleep and exercise is to ensure you have the right mattress. At the Wholesale Mattress Center, your mattress is important to us. Whether or not you exercise, having a good mattress is important in order to feel good when you wake up. Start the day right with a new mattress that works for you.

If continuing to exercise is not helping you improve your sleep quality then it may be time to invest in a new mattress or mattress topper. There are a variety of products offered by Wholesale Mattress Center to ensure you are well-rested. We are here to provide you with many different mattresses, so you can find your perfect mattress.

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