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As temperatures start to heat up this summer, it is important to stay comfortable in your bed throughout the night. One of the worst feelings is when you either wake up or cannot fall asleep because of the heat. There are many ways to sleep better naturally, but you can always adjust your room or your bedding to help as well. Whether it’s creating more airflow throughout your room or finding the perfect sheets for you, we want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while you sleep this summer.

1. Fan

If you do not have a ceiling fan, investing in a portable fan is a great and easy way to ensure a cool rest. Positioning your fan across from your bed can create a beach-like breeze. Another tip to stay cool this summer is to keep your thermostat set to 70 degrees. This will ensure you are comfortable at night. If you are worried about power consumption, you can turn the air conditioner down when you are ready to sleep instead of all day.

2. Keep Your Room Dark

Everyone loves being in the sun during the summer and soaking up its rays. However, you should minimize the amount of sunlight that is directed in your room. Even when you are not home, the sun is heating up your room with rays beaming through your window. It is a great idea to invest in some blinds or curtains. If you want to ensure you are in total darkness, blackout curtains are a great choice!

3. Cooler Pajamas

While warm and fuzzy pajamas are comfortable, they are perfect for the winter, not summer. Lighter materials such as linen and cotton are perfect for the warmer nights summer brings. Even clothing made of a material such as activewear would potentially be cooler than cotton or linen pajamas.

4. Don’t Exercise Before Bed

While exercising before bed can help you sleep better, it is not a great idea to work out right before bed. Exercising right before bed will cause your body temperature to spike, therefore, making your bed warmer while you are trying to fall asleep. However, taking a hot shower or bath will help you cool off post-workout.

5. Take a Hot Bath/Shower

While this may seem counterintuitive, taking a warm bath will help your body decrease its temperature before going to bed. This happens because when you get out of a warm bath or shower your body is immediately trying to cool itself down. Therefore, making you colder instead of warmer.

6. Keep Ice Water Near

Keeping ice water next to your bed will help you cool down if you are feeling warm or dehydrated. It will provide much-needed relief if you wake up and are extremely warm. Instead of having a cup of ice water nearby, you can always try an ice pack. If you do not want to risk having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

How Cool is Your Mattress?

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for a cool sleep, you might want to consider a cooler mattress. The Serta Arctic is the coolest mattress on the market right now. Another cool mattress is the Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze Soft. There are many versions of the mattress by Tempur-Pedic that could be perfect to keep you cool while you sleep. On top of a cooler mattress, you might want to consider cool sheets and a cool comforter.

At Wholesale Mattress Center, we want to ensure you are getting the best night's rest possible. There are a variety of different mattress options we have that provide you with a cooler night's sleep for those warm summer nights. Contact us today and we can find the perfect mattress for your wants and needs!

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