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Sleep is way more important than we’d love to admit, and sometimes it’s not always as easy to fall asleep as we’d think. Sleep can affect your mental health, physical health, and can even impact your immune system. Although it can feel easier to find a sleeping pill, those can often leave you feeling drowsy. Fortunately, there are lots of secret tips and tricks to help you fix your sleep schedule.

1. Develop a Routine

Creating a nightly routine is a great way to help you improve your sleeping habits. Although it can be tough to think about doing this when juggling work, school, kids, or your personal life, it’s actually easier than it sounds. This routine doesn’t have to be some long, tiring, and elaborate routine. It can be as simple as simply doing skincare and reading a book before bed. This can help ease your mind, and the more consistent you are with these small changes, the more likely your brain is going to get used to it. These habits can help to signal your brain that it’s almost bedtime, and it can help slow it down. With a good routine and a comfortable mattress to look forward to at the end of the day, you’ll be asleep in no time!

2. Cut the Caffeine

We all know this is a tough one. It’s easy to wake up and immediately want to start brewing the coffee while a million thoughts are spinning through your head. Let this be your reminder to take a deep breath, in and out, and focus on things one day at a time- You got this, you don’t need caffeine! However, cutting caffeine isn’t always that simple. In that case, it’s smart to notice when to stop drinking caffeine throughout your day so that it doesn’t affect your sleep schedule. The recommended time to stop reaching for the coffee is about six hours prior to the time you go to bed.

It’s hard to admit that caffeine could be the source of sleep deprivation, but no worries, there are alternatives! There are ways to start your day without caffeine that can also help ease caffeine withdrawal. It’s actually proven that lemon water can help with boosting alertness and energy in the morning. Tea is also a good substitute, although some types of tea can have caffeine, it is a different type of caffeine than coffee. Decaffeinated coffee can help as well, along with matcha tea or chai tea. Even seltzer water can act as a double to your usual caffeinated soda or energy drink. If you’re really looking to permanently cut out caffeine, it's important to slowly diminish your caffeine intake so you don’t experience withdrawals. You can do this by alternating between decaf and regular for the first couple of weeks you’re reducing your intake.

3. Less Screen Time and More Reading

It’s easy to get caught up in writing one more email or watching one more episode of your favorite show once getting into your bed. You’ve had a day and you’re ready for some downtime. Maybe you want to scroll on TikTok or catch up with friends. As tempting as that can be, studies show that you should be off screens 30 minutes prior to your set bedtime. Screens can actually release stimulants that alert your brain and they can actually suppress natural melatonin within your body. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your downtime. You can get to bed earlier so you have time to socialize or be on your computer. You could also find a quick time during the day or after dinner to check your socials or sneak in an episode.

Next time you think about opening your phone before bed, try to crack open a book! Reading helps to slow down the mind when crawling into bed. It can reduce your mind chatter and send your brain into a restful, quiet place while sinking into your mattress. This downtime activity can even strengthen the mind while aiding you in relaxation. That way you’re benefiting yourself in more ways than one! Make sure you’re comfortable while reading and find the right mattress size, temperature, and firmness to your liking.

4. Invest in a Better Mattress

At Wholesale Mattress Center, our selection of mattresses can accommodate your sleeping space. Our mattresses provide unique comfort that could send you straight into a restful sleep. Memory foam mattresses can also improve sleep health and help you to reach your maximum comfort when climbing into your bed. Memory foam can use your body heat to mold to your shape providing you with incredible comfort. Wholesale Mattress offers a wide variety of memory foam mattresses available to your liking.

We Are Here To Help!

Here at Wholesale Mattress Center, our top priority is to ensure you have the best sleep experience possible. Finding natural ways to sleep is important which is why we want to find the perfect mattress for you! With the largest selection of mattresses in the area, we’ll help you find your perfect match. For more information, visit our website and contact us today!

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