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Stress has the ability to negatively impact someone’s life in a wide variety of ways. Unfortunately, a major factor affected when stress levels are high is sleep. Once stress levels increase, it is important to “fight” the urge to stay awake at bedtime and make sure you go to sleep and get rest. Staying up all night can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Sleep is vital in order to maintain focus, maintain energy levels and improve your overall health. As sleep quality decreases, stress levels naturally increase; this ‘cause-and-effect’ process continues until a quality sleep cycle is maintained. Wholesale Mattress Center believes the first step to help improve your sleep quality and get the amount you need, is finding the right mattress for you. The comfort level and support system within a mattress enables relaxation, increasing sleep. We want to help our customers who suffer from stress and sleepless nights to find peace and well deserved rest at bedtime. Once a comfortable environment is achieved, in turn you will start sleeping better, and feeling better, ultimately keeping stress levels stable.

Sleep and stress are connected to each other in many ways. There are three main connections that link the two - the hormone called cortisol, emotions and focus:

Maintaining Healthy Cortisol Levels

A good night of sleep is essential for maintaining healthy cortisol levels - healthy levels are not too high or too low. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released in the body to counteract stress when stress levels are high. Once released, this hormone responds by reducing inflammation, regulating metabolism and assisting brain function. When cortisol levels are too high, headaches, high blood pressure and heightened stress occurs.

Keeping Emotions ‘Under Control’

Generally, a lack of sleep results in unpredictable emotions. Sleep aides in decreasing depression, anxiety and stress - keeping emotions under control and at a stable level. Receiving a good night of sleep fosters the ability to think rationally and to act in an unemotional manner.

Remaining Focused and Alert During The Day

Pulling an ‘all-nighter’ is never beneficial. Sleep aides in the ability to focus and avoid exhaustion. A full night of sleep is a rejuvenating process for the brain. It allows the brain and other muscles throughout the body to rest and ‘recharge’. A lack of sleep significantly affects daily activities resulting in forgetfulness, low-concentration, and drowsiness to name a few.

There is a wide variety of remedies and tips someone can try in order to gain a good night of sleep. This can vary from the way a bedroom is designed to practicing meditation. Wholesale Mattress Center has provided five remedies and tips for you to try in order to enhance relaxation and get a full night of sleep:

Avoid Looking At Screens Before Bedtime

Generally, people use bedtime to check their emails, watch television or scroll through social media on their phone. Research has shown that viewing technological devices at night time affects our sleep cycle. Digital devices produce a light known as “blue light” which can lower the secretion of the sleep hormone - melatonin - into the body. In order to optimize sleep quality, it is best to avoid looking at digital screens before bed time.

Practice Meditation

The act of meditation or yoga allows a person to relax and de-stress. Meditation and yoga shift the brain from focusing on external thoughts to focusing on actions being performed by the body, such as breathing. By adding a small routine into your daily schedule, it might help you get that good night of sleep you’ve been looking for.

Create a Peaceful Bedroom Environment

In order to get a good night of sleep, a bedroom should foster a relaxing atmosphere. This might include candles, soothing music or dim lighting. Dim lighting is a signal to the body to produce melatonin which will initiate sleep. It is important to consider these elements when you design your bedroom to ensure you are helping your body know the bedroom is a place of rest.

Invest In A New Mattress or Mattress Topper

A mattress is the most important factor when it comes to sleep. The act of sleeping allows the entire body to relax, but in order to do so, your body needs to rely on your mattress to get the support it needs. When mattresses age, they eventually lose support which can result in sleepless nights. By investing in a new mattress, whether it is an innerspring, memory foam or hybrid mattress, it is likely your sleep quality will improve. If you don’t know whether a new mattress is needed just yet, or the investment is too large, a mattress topper can also aide comfort and improve sleep. Mattress toppers add a layer of comfort to an older mattress, resulting less stress and better sleep.

Sleep is crucial, especially for your physical and mental health. Here at Wholesale Mattress Center, we believe the root of the problem is the mattress you have and, we are here to serve you and help you find one that is right for you. We carry a wide variety of mattress brands, all in various styles, prices and comfort levels. If you are experiencing sleep issues, come in to the store and see us today or, call us at (334) 821-0558 so we can answer any questions you may have.

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