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Getting a new mattress seems like something that you can keep putting off because it “gets the job done” but in reality, a new mattress is crucial to your health. People get nervous and anxious when finally deciding it is time for a new mattress but when your mattress is messing with your health, it is time to go for it!

There are many harms to your health if you keep your mattress for too long. An old mattress is not a welcomed mattress in your home!

Development of Mold

As humans, when we sleep we sweat throughout the night, whether we are aware of it or not. According to Mold Remediation, this sweat is all the moisture that mold needs. On the underside of your mattress, there is plenty of darkness. When you combine the darkness with the moisture, you get the perfect breeding spot for mold.

There are many health concerns for people who are breathing in mold. Respiratory health issues are common to occur such as asthma and wheezing. If you have pre-existing respiratory health issues these symptoms may be worsened and lead to lung infections.

Another common effect mold from your mattress is irritation to your skin, which results in rashes. If skin comes in contact with the mold in your mattress it is more likely to develop these rashes or hives.

Dust Mites Infestation

Adding to the gallons of sweat we release every night our bodies also shed dead skin. This dead skin is the perfect meal for dust mites. According to early bird, the typical used mattress can house as many as 10 million of the microscopic bugs, according to Ohio State University experts. And since even dust mites poop, that stuff is in your bed, too.

Dust mites are not as harmful as they are made out to be, however, if you are allergic to dust mites they can cause a number of harmful effects on your health. Rashes, runny nose, or in some severe cases tightening in the chest when you lay down, may be the result of an allergic reaction to dust mites and their droppings.

There are ways to attempt to prevent an infestation which include washing your sheets weekly in hot water, keeping your room cool and not humid. Just adapting your bed to be the least compatible to dust mites living conditions.

Prolonged Allergies

Allergy season is already the worst part of the year, why extend it by having an old mattress that is causing your symptoms? Along with dust mites, bed bugs can live in your mattress and if you have an allergy to them your symptoms are likely to flare up. Harmful to your health, these allergies can be worse for people with asthma.

Mattresses collect and absorb dead skin cells and sweat which can cause breakouts. To help prevent this wash your sheets regularly, but the best remedy is to get a new mattress.

Unwanted Weight Gain

Having an old mattress causes people to toss and turn leading to a long night without decent sleep. Sleep is important for you health because it allows for your body to do functions that it must to keep your body in shape.

Sleeping on your old mattress can cause unwanted weight due to overeating. According to Sit ‘n Sleep, Lack of a proper amount of sleep creates a hormone imbalance in the body which leads to overeating, according to a recent study by Eve Van Cauter, a researcher at the University of Chicago. Two hormones, Leptin and Ghrelin – referred to by Cauter as “the yin and yang of hunger” – are affected by the amount of sleep one gets. “One is the accelerator for eating (Ghrelin), and the other is the brake (Leptin).”

Ghrelin is a hormone our body makes to tell our brain that we are running on empty fuel and need energy as soon as possible. While Leptin is the hormone that tells our brain that we are full and are satisfied!

So, getting the correct amount of sleep leads to not binge eating. If you’re not getting the right amount or having trouble staying asleep it is probably because of your old mattress.

An Increase In Stress

Mental health concerns are also associated with sleeping on an old mattress. Harmful to your mental health which could lead to even more health problems can occur if you are sleeping on an old mattress. However, getting a good night’s sleep relieves stress.

According to a study done by Oklahoma State, the improvement in sleep quality was realized within the first week of the presentation of the new bedding system and not only sustained but also improved for the remainder of the posttesting period. Similarly, stress symptoms and behavior as measured by the factored items from the questionnaire were significantly reduced after 4 weeks of sleeping on the new bedding.

This study proves that getting a new mattress allows for better sleep which leads to less stress. It shows a direct correlation between old mattresses and being stressed which causes harm to your health.

Unmanageable Back Pain

Back pain is never comfortable and should not be a worry. However, if you have an old mattress it can cause severe back and shoulder pains that seem unbearable. An old mattress cannot support you like a new mattress can.

In the study done by Oklahoma State, they also tested how back pain is affected by a new mattress. They found a significant decline in back pain once subject got a new mattress.

Back pain can be harmful for your health for a few reasons. Back pain can lead to painful muscle spasms. If your back is not comfortable it can contribute to not getting a full nights sleep which leads to even more harmful situations for you health.

When choosing the perfect new mattress to help with your back pain it can be complicated.

Your good health influential in how you live your life. Don’t miss out on everything life has to offer by harming your health on an old mattress. The time is now, get a new mattress today.

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